About 01

Born in Barcelona in 1988, Ink Xiem (Marta Meix Garcia) knew from a very young age that she was going to dedicate herself to art. As a child she was always drawing and was fascinated by the world of creation. For that reason she decided to study at the artistic secondary school (2005-2007) and continue her training at the art school “La Massana” (Barcelona) where she studied the university graduate program in Art and Design (2006-2011).

About 02

After finishing her studies she decided to explore other horizons and moved to Brussels where she lived for 6 years and dedicated herself to creating her own style and artistic universe for Ink Xiem.

About 03

What she is most passionate about are the origins of the tattoo and its rituals in different tribes. She tattoos by hand (Handpoke) and by machine depending on the design and the place. Her style mixes her own symbols influenced by tribes of India and Berbers with designs of animals and nature, always looking for contrasts between very fine and thicker lines.

About 04

In 2017 she made the decision to return to the region of Barcelona. Soon after she arrived, she started working as a resident at the Anten Tattoo Art Studio in Llinars del Vallès. In 2019 she started her own tattoo studio “Ink Xiem Tattoo” located in the center of Cardedeu. At the same time, she has not left her clients in Belgium behind and returns every three months to Brussels to tattoo.